Parent Testimonials

Debjani Dutta Rakshit -- Shweta is an extremely graceful, loving and encouraging teacher. She has created a wonderful environment to develop the love for dance. Sneha eagerly looks forward to her classes on Sundays and is overjoyed when she gets to spend even more time with her teacher and the Nrityaki team. Thank you Shweta for giving my little one chance to flourish on stage and also for finding the right opportunities to perform at prominent venues like the Pentagon and the White House for all your students. In less than a year that we have moved to the Northern Virginia area, not only has my daughter Sneha developed a very strong bond with her, I have also won a good friend . Glad to be part of the Nrityaki family.

Kanika Govil -- My Daughter has been learning Kathak from her teacher Shweta Misra for the past 4 years. She is very fortunate to have such a wonderful guru. Shweta takes a lot of interest in her kids and pays attention to details and develops her students to become beautiful dancers of tomorrow. I am happy that Shweta is able to teach my daughter classical Kathak dance and keep her closer to her roots. My daughter has had the opportunity to perform in many prestigious performances in Virginia and DC. Thank you Shweta..

Monica Kumar -- I have known Shweta for more than 12 years now. She is an amazing friend/teacher...beautiful, graceful and elegant, which reflects through her dances which her students perform. My daughters have been learning Kathak from her and performed in various events and won prizes. Can't thank enough for your patience and commitment. :-)

Geeta Goindi -- Nrityaki Dance Academy, founded and directed by Shweta Misra, is making waves throughout the Washington area. Its students with their graceful movements, agility and resplendent costumes are regaling audiences at manifold community events. It goes to Shweta's credit for choreographing such enthralling dances, contributing immensely to keeping the rich tradition of Kathak flourishing here in the west, and encouraging her students to highlight their talents on various platforms thereby building self-confidence! Hope to see many more performances by Nrityaki ... You go, girls !!!

Angela Anand -- Good luck with the finale- I can visualize the performance. I know Shweta has always come up with great visually appealing moves for her students and they have raised the bar each and every time they performed.

Sucheta (June 14, 2010) -- Shweta, Thank you so much for yesterday. In spite of the time crunch you'll really did well. I am so proud of all of you'll and the spirit that NRITYAKI has demonstrated. In spite of the blazing heat all the girls, with no exceptions did do well. Hats off to all of you....students and their adored teacher! As usual we remain committed to all the activities.

Tasneem (Oct 12, 2009) -- Madam Misra, I, with the full power and authority vested in me as the mother of your student, Sabrine Ahmed-Iqbal, do now and hereby, dub you the Prima Donna of choreography of the Greater Washington metropolitan area. Let it be known to all children and their parents, that from this day forth, Shweta Misra, shall be known and addressed as Madam Misra, with full honors and privileges of such title.
Congratulations and celebrations ...!

Moitry – Congrats to Nrityaki team for giving us a spectacular performance. We all enjoyed it thoroughly; keep it going kids. Happy Diwali. Congrats to Shweta for your choreography and keeping cool amidst all the tension and complaints.

Dipa – All the kids/dancers of Nrityaki did a fantastic job at the competition. Shweta, your choreography was excellent, I certainly agree with Moitry.

Wow! The girls gave a fantastic performance this afternoon. Congrats to Shweta and all the girls and a big thanks to Moitry.

Manisha – Shweta, I watched the video of all our performances at the Wolf Trap. They were all beautiful dances. Congratulations to you for putting out a very good show in such a short time with so many new dances. The choreography was great!!! Kudos to all the kids who worked so hard and put out their best!!! Thank you for all your time and also for providing such a good opportunity to the kids.

Sucheta (for Independence Day Dance Competition) -- Congratulations to one and all. Special congratulations to Shweta; for nothing is possible without a good teacher. Congratulations once again.

Neeraj Kakkad -- Shweta, A big THANK YOU to you. You have patience for our kids. Thanks again for giving our kids a chance to perform in front of the big audience. It was awesome. And special thanks to all the parents who helped make this event a success. Special thanks to Sushma who helped me in making the dress for Ruchi.

Pankaj & Lipika -- Shweta, Thanks a lot for your kind words of appr eciation. It has been a pleasant, rich and rewarding journey for all of us, specially Surabhi & Pallavi who have picked up Kathak with natural grace. It would be Surabhi's desire to go to the next level for which a lot of practise and commitment will be needed from both her and the teacher. You are putting a lot of effort into this and we both commend you for the same. Keep it up and all the best

Sushma -- Shweta, Thank you so much for every thing . I am so glad that my daughters found you as a GURU.