Student Rules and Regulations

Class Attendance

Be on time. Classes that start promptly will end promptly. If the class starts at 10 AM, show up by 9:55 AM. We all have busy schedules but it is disrespectful to the teacher and the rest of the class if you up always late.

Dress appropriately. All the students are required to come in salwar suit or pajamas. Do NOT wear JEANS OR SHORTS to class.

Be Prepared. Things you should bring to class:
1) Note book & pen
2) Ghoongrooes
3) Water bottle

Only students are allowed in the class. Parents, you are only allowed to come to drop off your student and pick them up. There is a room dedicated for parents that wish to stay for the duration of the class. While in this room, remember that there is a class outside and refrain from being too noisy or commenting/talking to students in class.

Discussions with teacher. Parents, you are not allowed to discuss any matters with Shweta at anytime of the class; including the end of the class. Classes are back to back and in order for the next class to start on time, the previous class needs to end on time.

PRACTICE & EFFORT are keys to success. Students are expected to not only participate in class but also practice at home. All the students are required to practice at least 10 minutes at home a day to gain more out of this class.

Sort out schedule conflicts ahead of time. Be courteous to your fellow students and teacher; inform them as soon as you know you will have a conflict with an upcoming class. Email your classmates and decide on an alternate time to meet up again. Be aware, NO MORE than TWO alternate classes can be scheduled per month.

Be present for performance rehearsals. Each student is required to be present in every rehearsal; if more than two rehearsals are missed, then they will not perform on the show. This applies for group AND solo dances.


Be present for performance rehearsals. Each student has to be present in every rehearsal; if more than two rehearsals are missed, then they will not perform on the show. This applies for group AND solo dances.

Performances are dictated by teacher. The teacher is the ONLY person who can dictate which student will perform, when, and where. If it is found that a student is not ready then she and her parents will be informed by the teacher that the student will sit out for a particular dance.

Group dances are given priority over solo dances. If a student wishes to do a solo in the future, she should express her interest to the teacher. However, be aware that it is NOT guaranteed that the student will perform a solo in the near future or when the student prefers. Solo dances are used as fillers only for longer performance times.

Dresses/Costumes are required for performances. If your child does not have a dress for the performance, she will not be performing.

Borrowing a dress. In the case you want to borrow a dress for a performance, do NOT ask the teacher to be the middle man. Ask your group members for a dress directly. The teacher will not be handling ANY logistics for dresses for performances.

If you borrow a dress CLEAN IT! It must be dry cleaned before returning the dress to the owner. Due to the lack of this courtesy occurring, you are required to not only bring the dress in the hangers from the dry cleaners but also provide a receipt with it. Once everyone is accustomed to this courtesy, it will not be required.

Arrive at the performance fully prepared. Students should be dressed prior to arriving at the performance location. Rule of thumb: You should be dressed to the extent that you could perform as soon as you arrive at the location. Bring your OWN supplies; no make-up, pins, bobby pins, etc. will be provided by others or by the teacher.

See Make-up / Jewelry tab for more information.


Bring your OWN supplies. No make-up, pins, bobby pins, etc. will be provided by others or by the teacher.

Make-up/jewelry that should be used for each performance includes (see picture):
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Maang tikka
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner (dark)
  • Eye shadow (optional but preferred)
  • Ghoongrooes


Pay on time. Fees are due on the 5th of every month. Fees are $65 per person per month.

Late Fees. A late fee of $5 will be applied for every 2 days past the 5th of every month

Extra classes. Extra classes that are required before a performance or exam times will require an additional fee. A charge of $10 per class will be applied to each student, not to exceed 3 additional classes in six month.

Missed classes.
  • For any missed classes students can request a make up class from the teacher, and teacher can decide the class timing and day.
  • If students misses more than 2 classes teacher can decide if student can be part of the upcoming performance or not.

  • New and Returning Students

    New student assessment is required. All new students will be required to take a test after 3 months of classes to determine if the student is ready for a stage show or not.

    Returning student assessment is required. Students returning to dance class after a break of more than two months must appear for a assessment test. The student will be enrolled in a class that fits her abilities.


    Park responsibly. Parents, the front end of the driveway can fit two rows of three cars. Fill in the driveway to maximize space left over for others (see below diagram). Do not park on both sides of the street or in front of any other house but Shweta's. I'm including this additional statement because I've seen this before: DO NOT park in the middle of the street even for a couple minutes. The last thing we all want is for the school to be closed because of too many parking complaints.



    Classes will not be held during the week of the holidays listed below:
    • New Year – Jan 1st
    • Holi
    • Memorial Day – Last Monday of May
    • Independence Day – July 4th
    • Labor Day – 1st Tuesday of Sept
    • Diwali
    • Thanksgiving - Third Thursday of November
    • Christmas – Dec 25th